Discover Argentina's Finest Accommodations

Discover Argentina's Finest Accommodations

Argentina, a huge country in South America and the eighth largest globally, boasts varied landscapes, ranging from icy glaciers in Tierra del Fuego to lush rainforests in Iguazu.

As we explored the country, we got to know many hotels, lodges, and ranches spread across Argentina’s different areas.

These ten hotels really catch our eye because of where they are, the great services they offer, how unique they are, and how warmly they welcome guests.

Discover Argentina's Finest Accommodations


Nestled within a beech forest on a massive 50,000-acre cattle ranch called Cerro de los Pinos, Tipiliuke is a cozy lodge with just nine rooms. This ranch has been around since 1909, and today, the descendants of the original cowhands, known as gauchos, still work the land. The Tipiliuke property is bordered by the Chimehuin and Quilquihue rivers, which together stretch for 17 miles. These rivers are famous for their clear waters and are a prime spot for trout fishing, with some of the fish growing up to a huge 30 inches.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, you can get guides, fishing equipment, and boats for a fun fishing experience. But that’s not all – at Tipiliuke, you can also enjoy horseback riding, biking, hiking, and even wing-shooting adventures.

This Argentinian hotel features:

Indoor and Outdoor Dining Areas
Wood-Fired Sauna
Massage Room
Honor Bar

Discover Argentina's Finest Accommodations

Tipiliuke’s nine comfortable guest rooms are adorned with handmade fabrics, ceiling fans, and cozy radiant heat. You can stay connected with Wi-Fi available all around the lodge, even at the outdoor sitting spots.

Alvear Icon Hotel

In Buenos Aires, the Alvear Icon Hotel offers lavish and comfortable city living. It’s part of the Leading Hotels of the World, a group of luxury hotels known for their exceptional service.

As the latest addition to the Alvear Hotel family, the Icon stands tall with its sleek and modern design. Reflecting the same commitment to service as the Alvear Palace, the Icon also displays the Sutton family’s contemporary art collection, adding an artistic touch.

Situated in the upscale neighborhood of Puerto Madero, Alvear Icon is surrounded by parks, the historic waterfront, pedestrian-friendly streets, boutiques, and charming cafes.

While staying at the Alvear Icon, guests can indulge in:

Swimming Pool
Wine Cellar

The 159 guestrooms and suites are designed with cozy fabrics, real wood, Carrara marble bathrooms, and windows that keep the noise out.

Discover Argentina's Finest Accommodations

Inside your room, you’ll find useful things like a secure box for your valuables, a TV for entertainment, a service that tidies up your room in the evening, a hair dryer to keep you looking sharp, comfortable robes and slippers, a mini-fridge full of goodies, and Wi-Fi to stay connected.

The Vines of Mendoza

A quick drive away from Casa de Uco, The Vines is one of the finest places to stay if you’re a wine enthusiast in Argentina. It’s also one of our top picks across South America.

This little luxury hotel in the Mendoza area is surrounded by grapevines, which are taken care of by over 130 small-batch winemakers.

The main building at The Vines holds the Siete Fuegos Restaurant, run by the famous Argentine chef Francis Mallmann. Inside, there’s a comfy lounge, a cozy fireplace, a wine bar, a nice outdoor pool, and a sunny deck.

Right nearby is one of the best hotel gyms in South America, a cool glass rectangle that looks out onto the vineyards and the Andes mountains.

The hotel’s 21 spacious villas have a modern style, with big windows for awesome views, natural stone touches, terraces to relax on, and comfy chairs for lounging.

Discover Argentina's Finest Accommodations

Inside your villa, you’ll also find a secure box for your stuff, comfy robes and slippers, and a hairdryer to make you look your best. Wi-Fi works in the main building and the guestrooms. The Vines is part of the Leading Hotels of the World group.

Visitors at The Vines can have a great time with winery tours and try different wines. If you’re into it, you can even mix your own wine blends. You can also arrange fun activities like picnics, bike rides, fly fishing, and exploring on horseback.

If you’re in the mood, you can get a massage in your room for an extra charge.

In the heart of Argentina’s diverse landscapes, these exceptional accommodations offer a blend of comfort and adventure. From the cozy luxury of Tipiliuke’s lodge to the artistic elegance of Alvear Icon, and the wine-filled haven of The Vines of Mendoza, these hotels promise unforgettable experiences for every traveler.

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